Parenting Wellness Program

Manage Your Child's Eating & Activity Behaviors

 Without Shame or Dieting!

Over my many years of experience consulting with parents of overweight children, I've learned that the #1 behavior change for successful lifestyle improvement is based on habits and routines, more-so than dieting or nutrition.


While any nutritionist or online mom's group can give you a host of healthy recipes or tell your child to just exercise - they don't tell you HOW to get your child to actually eat the healthy food or stop their video game and go outside!


Stop Worrying!


If you know that you need to address your child's health but have struggled with finding the right way to tackle this without shame - you can stop worrying today!

Go At Your Own Pace.


I help parents make small but powerful lifestyle changes that improve overall wellness... without turning their lives upside down by completely overhauling their current lifestyle.


Get Results! 

Parents report back to me that their children are snacking less frequently, feel more full when they eat and have stopped constantly asking for snacks (or taking them on their own). They are confident and moving daily, with less screen time. 

Nothing has been left out! This is all the information you would get over months of working with me in-person. Now all you have to do to get started is do the trainings and ask for my help when you need it.

See you inside! 

About The Parenting Wellness Program


An online training program with video lessons, trackers, downloadable charts and worksheets, Live Q & A and ongoing support. 


For parents, guardians, grandparents, pediatricians, caregivers... anyone who wants to learn how to talk to children about weight and wellness without shaming. Your child does not need to have a weight issue to benefit from this program!


The Parenting Wellness Program is entirely online and can be accessed 24/7/365 for your convenience. It is easy to use and you do not need to be tech savvy to access the materials!


You can start immediately any time you're ready! Within minutes of enrolling, you will receive your login details and get access. Course materials are available 24/7 for the duration of your membership. 


You watch the videos and download the training materials. You go at your own pace and ask questions along the way. 


To give parents everywhere a proven system that I have used in hospital and private practice settings to help parents manage their child's weight. 

What if there was a way to dramatically cut down the amount of snacking your family does on a daily basis without being on a "diet" or shaming?


With the pandemic, I know so many kids have gained weight or developed unhealthy eating habits...along with too much screen time and perhaps a decrease in their sports or daily exercise. We also know that weight is a risk-factor for worsened symptoms of COVID-19.


Basically, we could ALL use an immunity-booster right now.


So I asked myself the question:


How can I help parents everywhere to improve their family's eating and exercise behaviors...quickly and easily...especially right now when so many people need it the most?


  • 12 Years as Attending Psychologist at Boston Children's Hospital Together with endocrine and nutrition providers, I provide families with behavioral strategies for pediatric weight management. Children return to me because of my "down to earth" style, and parents appreciate my refreshing candor and relatable nature. Forming trusting relationships with children and families is my number one goal, without which therapeutic treatment is ineffective. 


  • Over 10,000 Families I also do private therapy and consultation with children, adolescents and parents in the Greater Boston Area. Children and adolescents often come to me with issues related to school performance, peer difficulties, divorce or parent issues, anxiety, sexual identity concerns, and a variety of other issues. My favorite age groups to work with are tween and teen girls. Yes, even the ones who roll their eyes and cross their arms and think therapy is a joke! 


  • Training for Pediatricians, Nurses & Clinicians I receive countless calls from pediatricians asking for training and consultation around how to talk to parents about their child's weight. My professional training programs and speaking engagements have helped medical providers, school nurses, gymnastics coaches and Girl Scout troop leaders around the world. 

Ready to Stop Wondering How to Get Your Child to Be More Active?

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The Step-by-Step Coaching You Need to Feel Empowered to Make Healthy Changes

Follow my system to start seeing health and behavior changes in your child and family immediately! These are just a small sample of the many lessons available in The Parenting Wellness Program

1 - Cut Down on Snacking

  • Identify the dangers of distracted eating 
  • Learn about the other types of hunger that are making kids snack more than they need to. 
  • Use my 4-S Method and tracking tools for slowing down snacking and focused-eating. 

2 - Get Your Child Moving

  • How to add more moving minutes to each day
  • Learn my TRY Method of increasing physical activity
  • Create an expectation for exercise and overcome obstacles or excuses! 

3 - Help Entire Family


  • How to role model a healthy self-image
  • Learn ways to get all caregivers onboard with healthy goals 
  • How to stop using food as a reward or as relief 

4 - Healthier Eating


  • Discover the best way to include treats and sweets without restricting
  • Learn how to get kids to eat the healthy foods you buy
  • Worksheets and tracking tools to help identify triggers for overeating

5 - Parenting Strategies


  • How to increase motivation
  • Incentive/Reward Plans that Work!
  • How to set limits without shaming
  • Tips for picky eating
  • How to deal with emotional eating
  • What to do about sneaking?
  • How to cut back on screen time

6 - Food for Energy 


  • Learn which foods make kids tired and moody
  • How to spot hidden sugars in foods you think are healthy
  • Lists of foods that improve energy, concentration and mood

What it is like to learn with 

Dr. Lori Fishman

High energy! Engaging! Fun! Helpful! 


My videos are interactive, informative and easy to understand! Here is just a small sample clip from The Parenting Wellness Program


Video Lessons


Course Modules


Tools & Trackers


Supportive Coach

Real Training That Gets Results

This is what parents and professionals have to say about The Parenting Wellness Program 


“These are all very accessible steps for parents to take with their kids and themselves. Lori's ideas are manageable and easily incorporated unlike rigid diets that can leave parents feeling guilty for not employing successfully.  


Here is an empowering approach that builds on strengths parents already possess! As someone who works with parents, I will be recommending this to my patients!"


Dr. Irit Feldman

Clinical Psychologist 



This entire online program costs less than one 45-minute consulation with Dr. Fishman. 


I felt like I had 10 sessions with her and was on a road to success for a fraction of the cost. And I didn't have to leave my house! 


I appreciated not having to bring my daughter to the appointments and I could make these changes without her needing to hear the doctor say anything shaming.


Jessica P.


 Mother of 15yo girl & 13yo boy



​“I just finished this program and found the information very useful. 


Dr. Fishman has many years of experience as a psychologist at Boston Children's Hospital and in her private practice.


Plus she's a mom, so her advice is practical!


Highly recommend! 


Jennifer O.

Nurse Practitioner  

Mother of Two Teenage Girls


Plans & Pricing

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Silver Plan 


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Instant Access to Over 10+ Hours of Video Workshops ($1800+ Value)

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Instant Access to Over 10+ Hours of Video Workshops ($1800+ Value)

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*PLUS One Custom Consultation Session with Dr. Lori Fishman per month!

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Risk Free - 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are confident you will LOVE the Parenting Wellness Program but if for any reason you are not satisfied you may ask for a full-refund within 7 days of purchase. No questions asked. Just email us. 

These are the questions I get asked the most

How much time does this take?

I am bad at technology. Is this course hard to load/access?

Will this program help my child lose weight?

Maybe. But...better than will help you and your family to make lifestyle changes that result in healthier bodies for a lifetime! Weight loss is very possible, but without the long-term behavioral changes suggested in this program, the weight will likely come more!

My child has allergies, is a picky eater or (insert other food-related issue here)...will this work for them?

But what if I want a specific meal plan?

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. We are confident you will LOVE the Parenting Wellness Program but if for any reason you are not satisfied you may ask for a full-refund within 7 days of purchase. No questions asked. Just email us. 


Children Who Are Overweight Are at Increased Risk for: 


Heart Disease

Type II Diabetes

Fatty Liver


Fertility Issues



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